Battery Back-up Exchange Box


  • Easy hook up Battery Backup Exchange Box with
    13.8 V DC INPUT Source.
  • In normal operation, the DC load is powered by the 13.8 V DC INPUT (permanent source).
  • When the 13.8 V DC permanent source is accidental cut-off, the unit will switch to use the 12 V Battery (by Voltage Comparator Circuitry) to power up the DC load for Backup purpose.
  • The unit is designed to accept a voltage range 11 – 15 V DC at the 13.8 V DC INPUT.
  • While powering up the load, at the same time, the 13.8 V DC INPUT will deliver a small charging current to maintain the 12 V battery’s state of charge.


Input Voltage: 13.8 V DC INPUT
Input Voltage Range: 11 – 1 5V
Output Load Current (Continuous): 25 A
Voltage Drop between DC Load and 13.8 V DC INPUT / 12 V Battery : <0.8V (@ 25 A)

Battery Charging Characteristic

Max. Charging Voltage: 12.5 V DC (@ 13.3 V DC Input), 13.0 V DC (@ 13.8 V DC Input), 14.2 V DC (@ 15.0 V DC Input)
Max. Charging Current: 0.4 – 0.6 A