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Selectable AM/FM Multi‑bands

Crystal-Clear (Clear Signal)

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Crystal-Clear (Clear Signal)
40 AM/FM Full European Channels Emergency Call CH. 19 LED Indicating, S-meter, Power Meter, Channel Squelch Control RF Gain



Channels 40 AM/FM (Config. E)
Frequency Range 26.965 to 27.405 MHz (Config. E)
Frequency Control Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizer
Frequency Tolerance ±600Hz
Opertating Temperature -10 °C to +55 °C
Microphone Electret condenser type microphone
Input Voltage 13.2 V DC
Current Drain Tx full mod., 2.0A max./ Rx with max. audio output, 1.5A max.
Filter ANL (Automatic Nosie Limiter) built-in
Dimensions 115(L) x 35(H) x 180(D) mm
Weight Approx. 0.8 kg
Antenna Connector UHF, SO-239
LED Meter Indicates relative RF output and received signal strength


Power Output 4W AM/ 4W FM
Frequency Response 300 - 3,000Hz in AM/FM
Output Impedance 50ohm, unbalanced


Sensitivity 0.7μV for 20dB SINAD typical (limit 1.4μV)
Adjacent Channel Rejection 66dB typical
Image Rejection 75dB typical
I.F. Frequency Double Conversion Superheterodyne
1st 10.695 MHz
2nd 455 MHz
RF Gain Control Adjustable for optimum reception - More than 20dB (@ 1μV)
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) Less than 10dB change in audio output for inputs from 10 to 50,000μV
Squelch Adjustable; threshold less than 1μV
Audio Output Power 5W max. into 8ohm
Frequency Response 300 to 3,000Hz
Distortion Less than 10%, 0.5W 1KHz