M-Tech MT-V82N

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  • Powerful 7W of Output Power
  • BP-3100LI Li-ion Battery Supplied
  • Reliable Construction and Simple Operation
  • 207 Memory Channels
  • 5 Character Alphanumeric Display
  • 207 Memory Channels
  • Priority, Program, Memory, Skip and Tone Scanning
  • Built-in CTCSS and DTCS Encoder/Decoder
  • 6 DTMF Autodial Memories
M-Tech MT-V82N Portable VHF FM Transceiver
High Capacity
Battery Pack Supplied
M-Tech BP-3100LI - High Capacity 3100mAh Li-ion Battery Pack
  • High Capacity 3100mAh Li-ion Battery Pack for
    M‑Tech MT‑V82N
  • Support Up to 9 Hours of Usage
  • Triple Battery Protection - 3 Layers of Charging Protection to Ensure The Reliability of The Battery Life Cycle
The approximate usage time of M-Tech BP-3100LI at full power for using on M-Tech MT-V82N
BC-82S Rapid Charger
M-Tech BC-82S Rapid Charger
  • M-Tech BP-3100LI Battery Pack is Fully Charged in Less Than 5 Hours with M‑Tech BC‑82S Charger.
The approximate charging time for full charging of M-Tech BP-3100LI with using on M-Tech BC-82S charger.


Frequency Range

136-174MHz (guaranteed range: 144-148MHz)



Number of Memory Channels

207 (incl. 6 scan edges and 1 call)

Frequency Stability

±2.5ppm (-10°C to +60°C)

Input Voltage

7.2V DC (6.0 - 10.3V DC acceptable; M-Tech's battery pack only)

Current Drain (@7.2V DC)

Tx - High (7W/5W): 2.6A/ Rx - Max. audio: 250mA; Standby: 80mA; Power save: 30mA

Antenna Impedance

50Ω (BNC)

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +60°C; +14°F to +140°F


54(W) x 139(H) x 36.7(D)mm (projections not included)


Approx. 390g (with antenna and BP-3100LI)

Supplied Accessories

Belt Clip, BP-3100LI Battery Pack, BC-82S Charger


Power Output (@7.2V DC)

7.0/4.0/0.5W (high/mid/low)

Max. Frequency Deviation

±5.0/±2.5kHz (wide/narrow)

Spurious Emissions

Less than -60dBc

Ext. Microphone Connector

3-conductor ∅2.5mm/ 2.2Ω


Intermediate Frequency

46.35MHz/ 450kHz (1st/2nd)


0.6μV (typ.: at 12dB SINAD)

Squelch Sensitivity

0.11μV (typ.: threshold)


More than 55/50dB (wide/narrow)


65dB (typ.)

Spurious and Image Rejection


Audio Output Power

300mW with an 8Ω load

Ext. Speaker Connector

3-conductor ∅3.5mm/ 8Ω

Ext. Data Connector

3-conductor ∅2.5mm/ 2.2Ω