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Two-way Radio Helmet headset for Motorcycles and Riders

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  • Durable and Portable, especially for the Helmet, unique design wearing on shoulders and arms.
  • To provide reliable, clear, stable communication conditions for hands free and offer personal safety and efficiency, let the fire fighters more concentrate on actual rescuer works.
  • Microphone and speakers highly integrated, make it easy, portable and convenient. Suitable for working in half-open or closed helmet, face cover or mask, and using by fireman, emergency and chemical defence.
  • Earphone with medical grade silica gel and heat-resistant do not melt in 180 degrees.
  • Environmental PU cable reinforced with Kevlar.
  • Military standard quick release NEXUS plug-in connection that releases quick when a load is applied in emergency.
  • Suitable for Fireman, rescue works, motorcycle helmet.