M-Tech D-660


Digital Vehicle-Mounted Station

  • Vehicle-mounted, PDT, ARC and DPMR

  • Edge-cutting digital voice coding technology

  • Individual call, group call, all call of voice and data, remote shutdown/ activation, and emergency alarm

  • Manual switch between relay mode and direct mode

  • GPS/ BDS

  • Maximum adjustable 40 W power

  • 2.0 inch high resolution LCD display

Frequency Range

136 to 174 MHz, 350 to 400 MHz, 400 to 470 MHz

Channel Bandwidth

12.5 kHz

Max Transmitting Power

40 W

Antenna Impedance

50 ohm

Opertating Temperature

-20 °C to +55 °C

Transmitting Transient Adjacent
Channel Power

±12.5 kHz ≤ -50 dB

Digital Modulation Accuracy

5% (normal)

Digital Transmitting Audio SNR

40 dB

Max Digital Receiving Sensitivity

-116 dBm/BER ≤1% (normal) -118 dBm/BER ≤ 5% (extreme)

Strong Signal Digital Receiving BER

BER ≤0.01%/10dBm

Dynamic Fading Digital Receiving BER

BER ≤5%/-108dBm (8 KM/H and 100KM/H)

Speaker Rated Power

2 W

Audio Distortion



2.0 inch LCD display



GPS (time to first fix) Cold Start

Less than 1 min

GPS (time to first fix) Hot Start

Less than 30 s

GPS Horizontal Accuracy

10 m


160(L) x 173.8(H) x 48.8(D) mm


Approx. 1.1 kg